But what is it actually - this kinesiology?

Do you have stress while studying or have you always wanted to improve your performance? Then this free offer is just right for you!

In colloquial language, "targeted doping of your learning ability in just 2 hours" probably applies. In professional parlance, however, the "doping" can be explained quite well: Kinesiology is the study of movement on a mental and physical level. Developed in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodhard and further developed by experts from the medical, therapeutic and educational fields. Spread worldwide in 45 countries.

Kinesiology lowers your stress level and gives you tools to learn in an easier and more relaxed way. These tools are techniques that you can apply yourself: At home to prepare for learning, to make the best use of your time, and of course during/before exams to concentrate or calm down.

How do I get my money?

You choose one kinesiologist per semester from the list below, make an appointment, pay the invoice and hand in the original invoice in a self-addressed envelope (e.g. ÖH-FH Vorarlberg) at the information desk of the FH Vorarlberg or put everything in the letterbox of the ÖH. You also need to enclose a copy of your student ID and the form you have filled in. Offer Refund Application enclosed in the envelope. Afterwards, the amount of 60 euros per semester will be refunded to you by the Social Politics Department of the ÖH.

For further questions, please contact the Social Politics Department ( - we are happy to help.

All kinesiologists at a glance

Daniela Schwarzmann-Spalt
Rheinstrasse 3, Feldkirch-Nofels
T +43 680 552 18 88

Mag. Judith Fußenegger
Frastafedner Straße 31, 6820 Frastanz
T +43 650 405 78 74

Karin Nachbaur
Angerweg 2, 6923 Lauterach
T +43 680 142 14 56

Andrea Hartmann
Fohrenburgstrasse 4, 6700 Bludenz
T +43 664 453 41 27

Evelyn Tschann
Walgaustrasse 24, 6832 Röthis
T +43 676 973 09 76

Angelika Bitschnau
Almastraße 8, 6773 Vandans
T +43 664 494 21 14

Alexandra Ellensohn
Village 17, 6842 Koblach
T +43 699 500 71 20

Elisabeth Drexel
Kaltenbrunnerstr. 2, Lauterach
T +43 680 243 06 46

Gabriele Fussenegger
Lehenhöfstrasse 2a, Frastanz
T +43 676 961 61 10

Guntram Reisch
Unterkirchdorfstraße 4, Laterns
T +43 664 739 603 42

Raimuind Frick
Schützenstraße 14, Sulz
T +43 664 274 52 00

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