Workshop "Richtig Lernen – Lernen Problemlos"

A workshop for students who want to deal with the topic of learning problems. The studies begin, everything is new, interesting, "easy & cool", everyday life is finally without parents, parties, self-determined study times - and then it's: EXAMS. The study time is postponed, the first exam is flunked and then, in addition to the study stress, there is also the pressure. It's a cycle that happens thousands of times. 

The cause is often learning planning. Everyone can organise this in such a way that learning is no longer the reason for the failed exam. There are suitable methods for every learner to organise their exam preparation time in a way that is effective for learning, both in terms of content and organisation. The individual learning plans really help because they are "tailor-made". In the workshop, each learner should first examine themselves and their type in order to then arrive at an individual structure of a learning plan.

Speaker – Bildungslebenswelten with Dr Larissa Rogner: study guidance and coaching

When and where will the next workshop take place?

You will find all information about the next dates in your e-mail box! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Policy Department.

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