With ease through studies

With ease through studies

The Social Policy Department of the ÖH Vorarlberg cordially invites you to the seminar "With ease through studies".

The seminar will take place on 24.01.2023 from 18:00 till 22:00 Clock and is led by Lisi Hutter (Life & Business Design).

Use life balance as an engine for success A healthy life balance is a prerequisite for maintaining our performance. How can you maintain physical and mental well-being - despite high demands?

The following applies first come fist serve Principle (20 available seats). Participation is free of charge.

More detailed course description: Seminar for managers and employees Energy is the motor of life - for us humans and for our environment. Our performance depends to a large extent on the energy available to us. And this can be influenced - negatively as well as positively. You will receive basic information about stress, reflect on your personal situation and find individual solutions and action strategies for your healthy life balance. You will learn about business yoga and various relaxation techniques that you can use at any time - in the office or on the road. You will develop your personal energy power concept and strategies on how to implement it in everyday life.

- In the seminar, informative units, the joint development of contents, relaxation exercises and self-reflection alternate.

- Participants will receive a comprehensive handout with detailed descriptions of the techniques learned in the seminar.

- The movement and relaxation breaks correspond to the latest findings from brain research. Our brain processes knowledge in a state of rest and therefore needs regular breaks.

- All exercises can be done in business or casual clothes without prior knowledge. Each participant practices in a way that is comfortable and appropriate for him/her.

- In the exercises, participants will learn how to release used energy and build up new energy with yoga, relaxation techniques and inner images. They will learn about different breathing techniques and their effects - purifying, calming and activating - and train their body awareness. Participants will practise body movements and postures to reduce and prevent tension

We look forward to welcoming you to this great seminar!

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