Queer Film Evening

A different cinema atmosphere

A small cinema with plenty of popcorn right at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences? That's possible!

The Queer Department organises a film evening several times a semester with plenty of snacks, drinks and popcorn. Apart from a good mood, some time and a desire for snacks and a cool evening, there is no need to bring anything - everything is provided!

Your opinion counts - take part and determine the next film
Before each film evening (which will be announced well in advance via email and on Instagram), you can vote on the film that will be shown. Simply keep an eye on the ÖH Instagram account - interactive voting and film suggestions can be submitted via Instagram stories.

For those without an Instagram account: Gladly anytime Via email to the queer department to take part in the vote!

No registration necessary
Registration is not necessary - just drop in, be there and enjoy the film and the togetherness.

Which films will be shown?

The selection of films is based on the content of the queer department (i.e. LGBTQIA* topics, equal treatment, etc.), but also includes comedies, horror films or current socio-political topics - for example racism, poverty, feminism and much more:

  • 120 BPM (2017)
    French film drama about the group ACT UP, which calls on the Parisian government and the pharmaceutical industry to do something about the AIDS panemic.
  • Colette (2018)
    A film drama about a woman who works as a ghostwriter in the shadow of her husband and struggles to gain recognition for her works.
  • Moonlight (2016)
    Three Oscar-winning film drama about poverty, violence and drugs of a gay African-American.
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)
    French feature film about an 18th century painter who is asked to paint a wedding portrait of a noblewoman - until they become close.
  • ...
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