Möhnsa Weeks

Would you like a culinary trip around the world?

Too short a lecture-free period? Wanderlust? Your ÖH has the solution for you!
The Möhnsa Weeks! The Möhnsa Weeks take place two to four times a year (two weeks per semester). During these weeks, immerse yourself in a wide variety of culinary worlds. From Chinese to Indian to Hungarian or Italian, there is something for every taste.

At a price of from 2,40€ per menu you can go on a taste adventure.

Your ÖH makes it possible

During the Möhnsa weeks, the offers are heavily discounted. You can get a menu for the price of 4,40€ and a student:inside plate for 2,40€. Attention, it is not valid at Café Schräg.

More information regarding Mensa Weeks will be sent to all students via email and shared on the ÖH Instagram account.

The ÖH wishes "An Guata"!

Overview of the details of the Möhnsa Weeks
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