Discounted ticket prices

Up to 50% discount on LGBTIQA* related events

The Queer Department covers up to 50% of the ticket/admission price of (cultural) events that thematically fit the contents of the Queer Department (equality, equal treatment, inclusion, LGBTQIA*, etc.)!

How does the offer work?
It's quite simple: students become aware of a (cultural) event that could fit thematically with the above-mentioned contents and tell the Queer Department. Provided everything conforms to the mentioned guidelines, all students will subsequently be informed about the event and the possibility of discounted tickets.

How much money is reimbursed and what do I have to do?
First of all: Attend the event!
Subsequently 50% of the ticket/admission price reimbursed up to a maximum amount of 30€. To get the costs refunded, you only need to submit an Offer Refund Application accompanied by the original invoice/ticket and hand it in at the ÖH office/your Student Representative.

There is no limit of 15€ per person & semester! Several (cultural) events can be attended during the semester, each with a refundable entrance fee of up to 30€. When filling out the application form, the field "Offer taken up" "Other cost centre" when specifying the cost centre.

Overview of discounted events

One-off events:

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