Rhetoric courses

Rhetoric courses for students of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Clear communication and good self-presentation are very important in studies as well as at work. For this reason, the Education Politics Department will offer students at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences a two-day rhetoric course with the well-known lecturer Wolfgang Seidler (L-Learning trainer, certified according to Eco-C) starting in the winter semester 2021. The rhetoric course takes place 1-2 times per semester. The exact dates will be sent to you in advance by email.

Please be adviced, the offer is in German only.

What methods are used?
In the two-day seminar, the contents of rhetoric are illustrated with lectures, discussions, exercises, feedback and possible video analysis.

What costs will you incur?
60% of the course fees will be covered by your Student Union at VorarlbergUniversity of Applied Sciences! You will receive more detailed information in advance by e-mail.

What contents are discussed?

  • Basics of rhetoric and communication
  • What makes a competent performance?
  • Standing freely in space
  • Getting to the heart of the matter
  • Using body language and words consciously
  • My effect on others and myself
  • Generating calm and attention through appearance and voice pitch
  • The power of silence and stillness
  • From start to professional finish
  • The end of "Thank you for your attention

Where can I register?

To the registration form

Here you can register for the next rhetoric course!

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