Application portfolio check

Application portfolio check

Whether it's a professional internship or a job after graduation: applications are always a must. For the phase of
preparation of application documents and conducting interviews, there are relevant points on which to
and which can of course be trained. Individual questions and problems can be discussed in detail.
be discussed in addition. Practical tips are explained in the seminar, e.g.:

  • How can I apply successfully and confidently?
  • Where are my strengths? Examination of the personal "map of interests and competences".
  • Types of interviews and categories of questions
  • Gathering information before the interview
  • Do's and don'ts in the job interview
  • Evaluation and resilience

Speaker – Bildungslebenswelten with Dr Larissa Rogner: study guidance and coaching

Application portfolio check
Interview Preparation" Workshop

As part of the application workshops run by Dr. Larrisa Rogner, students can make use of individual appointments.
to get help with the preparation of application documents (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae). In this individual interview, the documents sent in advance are checked, corrected and discussed with Ms Rogner. The main aim is to present oneself in the best possible way and to create an application that makes the company curious about the person applying. Should an appointment be cancelled,
another person can attend this appointment. A total of 20 individual appointments up to and including
February 2024. How can I claim an individual appointment? All info
You will find the details in your email inbox in due course!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Social Policy Unit.

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