Plagiarism check

Plagiarism check for your thesis!

In order to avoid plagiarism, we provide an exclusive service to the students of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Every student is given the opportunity twice per semester to have a paper (be it a thesis paper, the Bachelor's or Master's thesis etc.) checked by the plagiarism scan software provided - namely completely free of charge!

To use the service, simply send an email with the subject "Please scan!" to the following email:
You will then receive (on average within 24 hours) a code and a link with which the work can be uploaded directly to the plagiarism scan portal in all common languages and text formats. The duration of the check can vary depending on the scope - please allow approx. 24 hours for this.

As each request has to be processed manually and each person has to be activated in the system manually, this may take some time. Please allow some time for this.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Education Politics Deparment or sends us an e-mail!

Info at a glance

What is plagiarism?

According to the Universitätsgesetz (§ 51 Absatz 2 Z 31 UG von 2002) plagiarism occurs when content, hypotheses or text passages taken over are passed off as one's own ideas without referring to the author or citing this passage correctly.

Thus, whether knowingly or even unknowingly, a breach of the law can be committed, which in both cases can entail punitive measures. In the worst case, it is even possible for the authorities to withdraw an academic title - even retroactively.

How does the software work? Is it secure?

The software accesses a huge online database and points out any matches. We also assure that your work will remain 100% anonymous and will never be published on the Internet or shared with third parties.

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