Business Administration

Photo by Annabell Loths

Annabell Loths


Photo by Tatjana Klimmer

Tatjana Klimmer

1st deputy

Photo by Jannik Berghoff

Jannik Berghoff

2nd deputy

Computer Science & Mechatronics

Photo by Adrian Essig

Adrian Essig


Photo by Ajdin Ćeleš

Ajdin Ćeleš

1st deputy

Photo by Marco Prescher

Marco Prescher

2nd deputy


Photo by Florina Wohlwend

Florina Wohlwend


Photo by Simone Knecht

Simone Knecht

1st deputy

Photo by Sarah Hämmerle

Sarah Hämmerle

2nd deputy

Health & Social Affairs

Photo by Lisa-Rosa Hofer

Lisa-Rosa Hofer


Photo by Nina Hämmerle

Nina Hämmerle

1st deputy

Photo by Angela Wittwer

Angela Wittwer

2nd deputy


Photo by Daniel Stefan

Daniel Stefan


Photo by Andreas Pohl

Andreas Pohl

1st deputy

Schloss Hofen

Currently not occupied - taken over by the Chair of the Student Union of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg
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