Refund & Sponsoring

Did you make use of an ÖH offer?

Offer Refund Application

For refunds concerning events and initiatives that are financially supported by a department or the Student Union.

How do I get money back from the Student Union?

Explanation of how to get money refunded from the AGM

Where to put the completed application?

You can hand in all applications either in the ÖH common room (room U315) in the small red post box, in the ÖH office (room U317) if there is someone there, or directly to your Student Representative or at the information desk on the ground floor.

You still have questions?
Then simply contact your Student Representative or the Economics Department directly. You can find the necessary contact details on our team page.


The Student Union can only cover the costs of pledged items that have been broken or lost if:

  1. the refund application is accompanied by the original receipt of the purchase as well as the receipt of the deposit refund,
  2. the difference is listed as breakage/shrinkage on the application,
  3. it is noted in the justification that all existing empties have been returned and the missing amount has thus come about through breakage or shrinkage and is confirmed with one's own signature.

The deposit costs will be deducted from the invoice amount and will not be refunded if refund applications are submitted with invoices (which include a deposit) without a deposit return receipt. This is because it must then be assumed that the deposit amount was collected by returning the deposit bottles.

Applications can either be posted in the post box in U3 15 or handed in at the information desk.

Do you have any questions? Then simply contact your Student Representatives, Heads of Department or the Economics Department directly. You will find the necessary contact details here.

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