Sample refund application created with the new online system

Refund & Sponsoring - Applications can now be completed conveniently online

Just in time for the start of the winter semester 2021/2022, it's now possible (since the end of August) to fill out refund and sponsoring applications conveniently and quick online! The previous templates have long made it possible to get money reimbursed for networking meetings, graduation parties or larger events. By expanding the new website of your ÖH at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, we have now minimised the bureaucratic effort even further and made it as convenient as possible overall.

An online form with many advantages

The new online form makes it easy to fill out applications for refunds and sponsorings in no time at all. Whether you are at home on your laptop, at the university or on the road on your mobile phone, with just a few entries you will receive a fully completed PDF document that you only need to sign and submit. It doesn't matter to us whether you sign by hand or digitally with your mobile phone signature, as long as you have the original invoices and the completed attendance list at hand.

The form has been designed in such a way that it recognises common errors in advance and provides appropriate instructions before the PDF document is generated. We also made sure that we could adapt the forms quickly and seamlessly for future purposes without causing long waiting times or ambiguities for our students!

Data protection as a basic principle

Since the topic of data protection plays an extremely important role - especially because refunds & sponsoring applications also involve personal data - we have incorporated this into the implementation from the ground up. The ÖH website exclusively uses a secure connection by means of https and encrypted communication.

The form is also designed in such a way that the data collected is temporarily stored for not more than one hour before it is irrevocably deleted. The generated PDF document can also only be downloaded via the download link provided within a period of 10 minutes and is generated dynamically - i.e. it is not available to anyone else and is not saved.

We welcome suggestions for improvement

We have already tested the new system extensively internally and are looking forward to making the process for refunding and sponsoring events easier. Especially after the last two semesters, in which personal contact was much too short, this innovation will hopefully be a helpful support.

We are open to feedback and suggestions to the new online form for applications for refunds and sponsoring and will of course be happy to help with any questions or concerns!

On behalf of the Economics Department and the entire ÖH
Dominic Luidold, BSc, Member of the Culture Department & Julia Heimböck, Head of Economics Department

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