Student representatives report - Highlights from two years of the StV

One of the highlights of our term as "ultramedia" student representatives for the InterMedia degree programme/department was our first party at the Schlachthaus in Dornbirn. We hired both a band and a DJ, who together created a great atmosphere. The careful planning and organisation paid off as we saw many happy faces that evening.The positive feedback [...]

Four steps to running as a student representative for the ÖH election 2023

Step 1 Find the relevant student representation for your degree programme. Use the list of student representatives, which is valid from 01.07.2023. Important: Remember the name of the student representation (e.g. "Technik") - this is required in the form. Step 2 Download the application form for candidacy as a student representative, fill it out, print it out and sign it by hand or digitally. Note: In the field "Designation of studies" [...]

Five reasons to stand as a student representative

As a student representative, you get to know students from your own degree programme and department. At the same time, you are the voice of all these students to the outside world and can represent your fellow students in a wide variety of matters, e.g. vis-à-vis the programme directors. As a student representative, you have the opportunity to independently manage the fixed annual budget in order to, for example, [...]

Who we are: Your ÖH at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg!

What exactly is the "Österreichische Hochschüler:innenschaft", or ÖH for short? Who is behind the offers, events, competitions and the one or other email in the FH mailbox? Where exactly can you find the ÖH at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and why do you have to pay ~€21 to the ÖH every semester? Interested in answers? Then you've come to the right place [...]

1st European Student Assembly in Strasbourg

On 3 and 4 March 2022, the first European Student Assembly (ESA), organised by the European Univiersities Community (EUC), took place in Strasbourg. 275 students from all European university alliances were invited to participate in the Conference on the Future of Europe. The University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, as part of the RUN-EU project, was represented by two students [...].

Would you like a culinary trip around the world?

Finally back to face-to-face classes, but wanderlust? Then the ÖH has the solution for you! To coincide with the start of classes, the Möhnsa Weeks will take place again this year from 07.03. to 19.03.2022. Immerse yourself in different culinary worlds during these two weeks. From Chinese to Indian to Hungarian or Italian, there is something for every taste. With prices starting at €2.40 [...]

How-To: Gendering with the colon!?

There are many different approaches and possibilities when it comes to "gendering" - apart from the colon, for example, the "Binnen-I", the slash ("/"), an asterisk ("*") and many more. However, the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg and we as ÖH have been using the colon (":") for some time and recommend this spelling. Why all this? The inverted comma, the slash or [...].

English website? Yes, please!

Do you prefer to speak English? Welcome to our English Website! Since February our website is multilingual - the content is now also available in English. How does the changeover work? Simply click on the "globe symbol" in the menu and immediately continue reading in English - it's easy! 🙂 Intelligent automation To make the website as fast as possible, we [...]

Statement of the Body of University Representatives on the Covid-19 Compulsory Vaccination Law

The compulsory vaccination law will mean a big change for everyone. For the students, however, the current version of the ministerial draft, as the draft law of a ministry is called, has more disadvantages than we as the ÖH of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences are comfortable with. As university representatives, the health and education of all students is very important to us, which is why we [...]

Student Week in Ireland - "We are ONE, we are RUN"

The Student Week of the Regional University Network - European University, RUN-EU for short, took place for the first time at the beginning of November. Four students from Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences were among the many international students. What is RUN-EU? RUN is an alliance of seven universities from six countries in Europe. The goal here is to create a network [...]

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