Equal Treatment & Awareness Raising

How-To: Gendering with the colon!?

There are many different approaches and possibilities when it comes to "gendering" - apart from the colon, for example, the "Binnen-I", the slash ("/"), an asterisk ("*") and many more. However, the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg and we as ÖH have been using the colon (":") for some time and recommend this spelling. Why all this? The inverted comma, the slash or [...].

Rainbow flag on the campus of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Dear students, in the last few days and weeks we have repeatedly read that hoisted rainbow flags in front of buildings, churches etc. have been stolen, demolished or even set on fire by unknown persons. The symbolic effect of deliberately destroying such flags (which stand for openness, inclusion, togetherness and "live and let live") is devastating and in some places causes outrage, incomprehension [...]

Motion to standardise gender-equitable language unanimously adopted

Dear students, at yesterday's 2nd regular meeting of the winter semester 2020/2021, the Queer Department submitted a motion with the following title: Standardisation of gender-equitable and gender-inclusive language in internal and external communication of the ÖH of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences I am very pleased to report that the motion was unanimously approved and will thus be implemented in the coming weeks [...]

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