Who we are: Your ÖH at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg!

What exactly is the "Österreichische Hochschüler:innenschaft", or ÖH for short? Who is behind the offers, events, competitions and the one or other email in the FH mailbox? Where exactly can you find the ÖH at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and why do you have to pay ~€21 to the ÖH every semester? Interested in answers? Then you've come to the right place [...]

Would you like a culinary trip around the world?

Finally back to face-to-face classes, but wanderlust? Then the ÖH has the solution for you! To coincide with the start of classes, the Möhnsa Weeks will take place again this year from 07.03. to 19.03.2022. Immerse yourself in different culinary worlds during these two weeks. From Chinese to Indian to Hungarian or Italian, there is something for every taste. With prices starting at €2.40 [...]

English website? Yes, please!

Do you prefer to speak English? Welcome to our English Website! Since February our website is multilingual - the content is now also available in English. How does the changeover work? Simply click on the "globe symbol" in the menu and immediately continue reading in English - it's easy! 🙂 Intelligent automation To make the website as fast as possible, we [...]

The next drink is on us!

The last two semesters have been exhausting, demanding a lot of nerves and high Wi-Fi usage! For this reason, we as the ÖH, together with the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, want to reward you and have therefore given each student a voucher for 10 euros. The corridors of the FH were empty in the past semesters. We are pleased [...]

Launch of the new ÖH website at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Dear students, after we were previously only represented on the website of the University of Applied Sciences itself and did not have our own web presence, we are all the more pleased to welcome you to the new website of the local university representation of Vorarlberg. The website shines in new splendour thanks to the interdepartmental cooperation as well as the chairmanship and offers a clear possibility to [...]

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