Author : Vorsitz

Transmission and publication obligations

Transmission obligations to the Audit Commission pursuant to HSG 2014: Resolutions on function fees, annual estimates and minutes of resolutions with economic relevance must be sent in electronic form to, the annual financial statements including the written audit report must also be [...].

Lift trucks and other tools

If you need a pallet truck to transport pallets, we can borrow one from the building management. To do this, please contact the building management either at or by telephone (FHV Gebäudemanagement) [...]

Financial year Duration and categorisation

A financial year always lasts from 1 July to 30 June of the following year. The budget of the annual estimate is always valid for one financial year. Invoices are allocated to a financial year based on the invoice date. Often [...]

Cash box, cash, change

According to the law, the ÖH may have a cash box with a maximum of € 500.00 in cash. This cash box must be kept in the safe. Should an ÖH team member have a cash box with change for an ÖH event [...]

E-mails and appointments

To communicate offers by e-mail, it is often necessary to send e-mails. To ensure that the mails reach the students correctly, a few details must be observed. Send emails To: empty [...]

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