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E-mails and appointments

To communicate offers by e-mail, it is often necessary to send e-mails. To ensure that the mails reach the students correctly, a few details must be observed. Send emails To: blank or email from which the email was sent Bcc: "mass mailing list" such as cp-student Address options: Dear students,Dear all, Send appointments Sometimes it makes sense to send an appointment to [...]

Four steps to running as a student representative for the ÖH election 2023

Step 1 Find the relevant student representation for your degree programme. Use the list of student representatives, which is valid from 01.07.2023. Important: Remember the name of the student representation (e.g. "Technik") - this is required in the form. Step 2 Download the application form for candidacy as a student representative, fill it out, print it out and sign it by hand or digitally. Note: In the field "Designation of studies" [...]

Five reasons to stand as a student representative

As a student representative, you get to know students from your own degree programme and department. At the same time, you are the voice of all these students to the outside world and can represent your fellow students in a wide variety of matters, e.g. vis-à-vis the programme directors. As a student representative, you have the opportunity to independently manage the fixed annual budget in order to, for example, [...]

Student representatives report - Highlights from two years of the StV

One of the highlights of our term as "ultramedia" student representatives for the InterMedia degree programme/department was our first party at the Schlachthaus in Dornbirn. We hired both a band and a DJ, who together created a great atmosphere. The careful planning and organisation paid off as we saw many happy faces that evening.The positive feedback [...]


In the following article, the handling with deposit is presented and explained in more detail. Basically, a distinction is made between the type of application for an invoice with a deposit. Reimbursement of expenses Reimbursement of expenses can be requested by ÖH team members if items, articles etc. (in this case drinks with a deposit) are purchased for the ÖH. (in this case drinks with a deposit) are purchased for the ÖH and paid for with their own money [...].

Student Representation Manual

General Members of a student representation Depending on the number of eligible voters, a student representation has a different number of mandates at its disposal. If there are up to 400 eligible voters, the student representation shall consist of three mandataries, and if there are more than 400 eligible voters, it shall consist of five mandataries. HSG 2014 as amended § 19 paragraph 3 A student representative body therefore consists at least of the [...]

Numbers, Data & Facts

ÖH at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences Officially "Österreichische Hochschüler:innenschaft" Divided into seven departments Divided into five student councils Services The ÖH at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of services, including, for example: as well as other important services, such as a student lounge and money back via applications: Common room & money-back via applications Common roomThe ÖH at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences offers all students 24/7 access to a common room with microwave, [...]

Functions & Organs

Descriptions & Detailed Information Functions Function ECTS Points Description College Member 2 Student representatives in the College of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Responsible for introducing topics which, from the students' point of view, need to be discussed with the rectorate, the heads of the degree programmes, as well as with teachers and researchers from all departments. Mandatar:in 6 Madatar:innen of the university representation. Responsible for discussing and voting on concerns, [...]

Create wiki entry

Steps for creating/editing an entry Editor The editor in which a wiki article can be created corresponds to the standard WordPress editor. In the main field, the text can be written, new paragraphs, headings etc. can be added and so-called "blocks" can be used, which offer different functions. On the right side of the editor, various settings for the article itself - such as the [...]

Travel costs

In principle, the use of public transport is preferable to private transport if travel is required in the context of the activity as a student representative. Further information on hotel and meal costs can be found in the article Travel Expenses. In addition to this principle, the following points must be observed for public transport: For travel by private individual transport, the following additional points apply: Travel expenses [...]

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