Transmission of job offers

Time and again, external organisations, companies and individuals ask individual departments, the chair team or student representatives to advertise job offers or jobs for students within the University of Applied Sciences and among the students. We as ÖH do not send out external job advertisements or job offers; the UAS has its own job newsletter and a job exchange for this purpose. All incoming enquiries should be [...]

Media Transparency Act

Due to the Media Transparency Act, the ÖH as a public corporation is obliged to make several notifications and data updates throughout the year. Data update Once a year, at the beginning of July, the Austrian Court of Audit (on the basis of Federal Law Gazette I No. 125/2011) must be notified of any changes to the following items with a cut-off date of 1 July of the respective year: A reminder to this effect as well as a corresponding [...]

ECTS Credit & Confirmation

Working for the ÖH at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg or exercising functions (be it as a clerk, speaker, mandatary or student representative) are unpaid, voluntary activities and work. However, depending on the function performed, a different number of ECTS points are available for each completed semester with continuous ÖH activity.

Room reservation

If a room or similar at the UAS is required for events organised by a department or a student representative, this must be requested and reserved in advance. If additional utensils or equipment are required (e.g. lectern, high tables, projector, camera, power supply, etc.), this can also be obtained from the UAS. The following locations must be requested before the event: Building [...]


In the case of an absence that lasts longer than one week (e.g. due to a stay abroad, sick leave, other prevention, etc.), depending on the position, different persons must be informed, forms must be filled out and other things must be observed. Absence In the case of an absence starting from one week or longer, up to several weeks, the following things must be observed, depending on the function: [...]

New clerk:in

As a rule, the appointment of a new administrator is the responsibility of the respective head of the unit. Before taking on a new clerk, it should be discussed internally with all those involved whether further support in the form of additional clerks is needed and what specific tasks this person(s) should take on. If there are already people interested in the position and they know [...]

Budget increase

Units and student representatives each have different budgets available for the current financial year. If it becomes apparent that the agreed budget is no longer sufficient for the planned projects and offers, an application for an increase in the budget can be made at any time. Request for budget increase After the new budget has been discussed internally (and in case of doubt or [...]

E-mail access

Within the framework of the representation work, e-mails will have to be sent again and again, for which dedicated e-mail accounts as well as e-mail mailboxes of the ÖH are available. In order for students and external persons or organisations to know that this is the ÖH of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, all ÖH-related e-mails must be sent from the respective ÖH e-mail account. This also ensures [...]

Would you like a culinary trip around the world?

Finally back to face-to-face classes, but wanderlust? Then the ÖH has the solution for you! To coincide with the start of classes, the Möhnsa Weeks will take place again this year from 07.03. to 19.03.2022. Immerse yourself in different culinary worlds during these two weeks. From Chinese to Indian to Hungarian or Italian, there is something for every taste. With prices starting at €2.40 [...]

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