Statement of the Body of University Representatives on the Covid-19 Compulsory Vaccination Law

The compulsory vaccination law will mean a big change for everyone. For the students, however, the current version of the ministerial draft, as the draft law of a ministry is called, has more disadvantages than we as the ÖH of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences are comfortable with. As the Body of University Representatives, the health and education of all students is very important to us, which is why we also dealt with the planned law and participated in the democratic process with a statement, sent to parliament.

We would like to state at the outset that we, as Body of University Representatives, are neither for nor against the introduction of compulsory vaccination, but merely nurse concerns about its introduction from the students' point of view. We do not want to interfere in this general political topic and take a position in the sense of the general population. We see ourselves as representing students and our statement therefore only applies to this group of people, and we want to use our points of criticism to show what obstacles students will have to deal with.

As Body of University Representatives, we want to create a contact point for you and support you in case of problems with the compulsory vaccination law. Should you encounter limitations in continuing your studies due to the planned law or be prevented from graduating, please write us an email at We want to find a solution together with you or pass on your concerns to the right people.

On behalf of the entire ÖH,
Fabian Hörtner, 1st Deputy Chairman

Statement in full text (5 pages, German only)

Cover picture - Credit: Parliament Austria (see Parliament Austria)

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