One room, many possibilities

The new ÖH common room (Room U315) will be available to all students at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences from mid-September! In the new ÖH common room, students not only have the opportunity to recharge themselves, but also the battery of their mobile phone, laptop or similar.

In the common room, there are two refrigerators in which cool drinks can be stored. In addition, the fridges are filled with beer at irregular intervals, which is available for free withdrawal. Two microwaves offer the possibility to heat up food you have brought with you or to prepare popcorn for "media-rich lectures". A kettle also makes it possible to enjoy hot drinks in the cold winter months.

Together with an HDMI cable, additional films can be watched on the big TV without any problems.

Party games

Of course, in a room for students, appropriate party games such as popular board games or classics (for example Beer Pong) cannot be missing. These can be used at any time - we are already looking forward to exciting matches!

Can we do it? - Yo, we can do it!

After the construction of the common room had been delayed due to renovation work at the university, we were recently able to start furnishing it. Pieces of furniture, games, decorations and a fridge had been organised and collected long in advance by various members of the ÖH. On a Saturday morning in August, the time had finally come and the volunteers were able to start setting up the room! The result? A unique room that invites you to chill out.

Come along, we look forward to seeing you!

On behalf of the entire ÖH,
Julian Lukas Danler, 2nd Deputy Chairperson

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